M. Curtis

Awesome place to find a kayak or canoe. Everyone is very helpful and I love the fact that you can try it before you buy it on the river. Thank you for making this an excellent experience!

K. Belle

Just purchased a kayak today. The 2 hr drive from NW Ohio was absolutely worth it! The staff is knowledgeable, patient, and friendly, and I found the perfect one for me! Highly recommend this business. Thanks, Fluid Fun!

D. Plencner

Fluid Fun went above and beyond on sales and especially service in my experience. Their staff is friendly and very knowledgeable. They quite literally taught me how to paddle.

D. Watson

An unbelievable selection for the location and size. The staff also went above and beyond to show, test, and inform about the products.

D. Slymer

Most people wouldn’t buy a car without test driving it before hand, and when buying a boat, it shouldn’t be any different. The folks at Fluid Fun are passionate about what they do and it reflects in the care and consideration they exhibit towards their customers. If you keep your ears open and listen to their advice there’s no way you’ll leave with a boat unsuited for yourself. Regardless of your price range, there is a boat for you.

B. Belcher

Fluid Fun is a great place to purchase a kayak. My wife purchased (2) Hurricane Santees in the spring. We love our kayaks. We use them all the time. The staff at Fluid Fun fits the kayak to you and type of water you will be using most on. Selecting the right kayak is so important. At Fluid Fun they will have you test several so you can make a selection on what feels right. Fluid Fun also stands behind the product they sell. If you ever have an issue they will address it immediately. You will be happy you purchased at Fluid Fun and not one of the box stores.

M. Lehmann

Amazing customer service. You can take any of their yaks on the river right there before you buy. I recommend this place to anyone looking for a kayak or accessories.

J. Burke

Very friendly and knowledgeable staff. Great selection. And, where else do you get to try before you buy?

J. Riecke

I went up to Fluid Fun looking for a kayak I could fish out of for my trip to Tennessee and to fish where I live. They pointed me in a great direction of what I needed. And I even got to try it out on the river before I got it. I ended up getting Predator Kayak. They have such great service there and very good advice. They have a lot of kayaks to choose from even if your not interested into fishing. I would definitely recommend you go look here first.

C. McCullough

This place is awesome! They have a huge selection and great customer service! My wife and I worked with Steve and Michele when deciding which kayak to buy and they were both a huge help! Steve helped pick the right kayak for me and knew a ton about fishing kayaks! He also helped find my wife one as well! Michele was very friendly and there to help the whole process go smoothly! They also stayed after closing time to let us test out the kayaks on the St. Joseph river. They are located right on the water so you can try out multiple kayaks or canoes to pick out which one is right for you! This is the place to go to buy your kayaks or canoes!!! Thanks for the great experience!