Fluid Fun Staff Picks


The top boats chosen by our expert staff!

John Senecal – Wenonah Solo Canoe

My current favorite boat is my trusty Wenonah Solo Canoe! I find it to be playful yet predictable and easy to paddle. It tracks reasonably well on flat water, turns obediently, and it feels right at home on flowing water as well! I typically use it to scout river conditions, and I find that getting in and out of a solo canoe is much easier than in and out of a kayak, especially with waders on and tools in hand. As for my paddling “tools,” I’m somewhat of a traditionalist, so I paddle my Wenonah Solo with a canoe paddle, generally a bent-shaft wooden paddle because I like the feel of it. However, it’s more difficult to J-stroke with a bent-shaft, and if I’m going to be in a shallow, gravely river like the Pigeon, I will select a composite straight-shaft paddle that I don’t care if I scratch up and pry off of the river bottom now and then. A solo canoe is versatile and can also be paddled with a kayak paddle, sometimes with more efficiency and ease, so better yet – take both with you on your next trip! There are a variety of Wenonah Solo Canoes currently in stock at Fluid Fun!

Gina Whitehead – Epic GPX

My new favorite kayak is the Epic GPX. It’s such a versatile boat! It is relatively short at thirteen feet, yet tracks quite well and is very maneuverable. It has a fairly large cockpit, a 25” beam, and can accommodate a larger person, yet comfortably suit a small person such as myself. I initially liked the maneuverability of it for the small rivers and streams I often paddle, but was quite impressed with its “big water” feel and tracking ability the first time I took it on a large lake. It can keep up even with longer, narrower kayaks. A big plus for me is its weight, at either 27 or 33 pounds. It’s so easy to load and carry from vehicle to water and for a small woman in her 70’s, this is no small consideration. I have eight boats in my garage, but the GPX has quickly become my first choice when heading out for just about any kind of water. It is a pricey boat, at over $2200, but just may be the last boat you buy. Additionally, if you invest in that perfect kayak, you should paddle it with a nice, lightweight Epic carbon paddle! The Epic GPX is currently in stock at Fluid Fun!

Stephen Hrynewycz – Jackson Cuda HD

I have 4 different fishing kayaks, and my favorite is the Jackson Cuda HD! It’s 12’10” long and 33 inches wide. Weighing in at 85 lbs, it’s easy to transport in my truck or SUV. The Cuda is great for hauling lots of gear with it’s 425 lb carrying capacity. As noted from the manufacturer (jacksonkayak.com,) it earns 4.5 stars out of 5 for speed, 4 stars out of 5 for stability and 4.5 stars for tracking – and I completely agree! These features lead to less fatigue for my full days of fishing. The stability of the Cuda HD allows me the option to stand and fish when I want, and I like the versatility of the high/low seating. The seat also provides easy access underneath for more tackle. The center hatch gives me an easy spot for gear or a place to put the occasional fish I want to keep. The Cuda HD comes equipped with 4 rod holders behind the seat and a gear track in front of the seat for more rod holders and other accessories. This allows me to carry a total of 7 rods that are rigged and ready for any tournament or fishing adventure I find myself on! I’ve paddled the Cuda HD on rivers and lakes of many sizes (even Lake Superior) and it has handled all of them well. I paddle my Cuda with a Bending Branches Angler Navigator or Angler Pro paddle. Both are super lightweight and high-performing paddles. One additional accessory I recommend is the Anchor Wizard to manage your anchor line. Overall, the Jackson Cuda HD is fast, stable, versatile, and fun to fish in – making it my top choice when getting out and fishing. The Jackson Kayak Cuda HD is currently in stock at Fluid Fun!

Hayden Miller – Native Watercraft Titan 12

The Native Watercraft Titan 12 is a hands-free pedal driven kayak with lots of features. I love the Titan for it’s incredible stability and tremendous amount of storage! Standing is made very simple with the high-seat position. The Titan’s comfortable & versatile seat allows you to get your knees underneath you, making it easier to stand. I am an avid river fishermen and the Titan’s slight rocker caters perfectly to my style of fishing & pedaling! The many features of the Titan 12 make it an easy choice as my favorite kayak! The Native Watercraft Titan 12 is currently available to order from Fluid Fun! The 10.5 version is in stock now!

Michele Clark – Current Designs Vision 135

My go-to kayak last season quickly became the Current Designs Vision 135! It has all the features that are most important to me for a great day of kayaking. The Vision 135 offers stability, a seat that’s both comfortable and easy to adjust, and it tracks great while still offering lots of maneuverability. It has been the perfect boat for my evening paddles and day trips alike on the St. Joe and Pigeon Rivers! The Current Designs Vision 135 is currently in stock at Fluid Fun!