Why A Specialty Shop?

In a world of “Ships today if ordered within…” It’s no secret, you could order your next kayak on Amazon if you wanted to. (You can also purchase a pre-fabricated home for anywhere from about $36,000 – $200,000. I’d hate to see those assembly instructions, though.) There are a few different manufacturers & retailers that… Read more »

Fluid Fun Staff Picks

The top boats chosen by our expert staff! John Senecal – Wenonah Solo Canoe My current favorite boat is my trusty Wenonah Solo Canoe! I find it to be playful yet predictable and easy to paddle. It tracks reasonably well on flat water, turns obediently, and it feels right at home on flowing water as… Read more »

Boat Control = Catch More Fish!

Written By: Steve Hrynewycz, Fluid Fun Staff & Jackson Kayak Regional Fishing Team Member Boat control, like a perfectly placed cast, will help you catch more fish. You want to get in position with a stealthy approach and maintain that position. In some situations on a body of water that means getting there with my… Read more »

Beating the Winter Blues

Ah, Winter in the Midwest… we all love it, right? Wrong. I am not a hater of snow by any means, but grey skies, short days, and negative temps definitely don’t make me eager to get out of bed in the morning, let alone get outside at all. If you’re similar and long for Spring/Summer/Fall… Read more »