Test Paddle A Touring Kayak – 09/24/23


When – 9/24/23 At 9.45am to noon

Aim to be at the boat launch at 9.45am and after introductions and prep, we will make our way to the water around 10am.

We can paddle the full perimeter in just over 2hrs or we can adjust to a shorter paddle based on paddler experience, capabilities and interests.

Where – Fish Lake

Fish Lake NW of Marcellous, MI Google Maps

Fish Lake is connected to Saddlebag and Finch Lakes and if you hug the perimeter, you will get in about 10 miles of paddling. Meaning there is plenty of opportunity to try out one or two kayaks before committing to a purchase. The route will be determined on the day after reviewing the weather, experience of the paddlers and specific interests.


The Paddle will allow you to test paddle our Touring kayaks as well as others we may have in stock at the time. Why, because paddlers may be holding back on a purchase due to lack of seat time in their kayak of interest/choice.

Group Size – Max 5

Maximum number of paddlers will be 5. Please confirm attendance and what kayak you would like to paddle by visiting our event on Facebook and commenting.

Facebook Link To The Event


Extreme weather like Thunderstorms, Tornados etc will result in cancellation of the event. Beyond that we will most likely paddle but only if you have appropriate gear and experience for the conditions.


Availability will vary, check ahead to make sure we have it and can bring it.

Eddyline Fathom, Sitka XT & Equinox

Delta 15.5 GT & 17

Wilderness Systems Tsunami 175, 145 & 125, Tempest 170 & 165

Current Designs Vision 150 & 140

Hurricane Tampico 130

Jackson Journey 14

Old Town Castine 135, 140 & 145

Perception Carolina 14 & 12 & Conduit 13