Why A Specialty Shop?


In a world of “Ships today if ordered within…”

It’s no secret, you could order your next kayak on Amazon if you wanted to. (You can also purchase a pre-fabricated home for anywhere from about $36,000 – $200,000. I’d hate to see those assembly instructions, though.) There are a few different manufacturers & retailers that have kayaks, canoes and paddleboards readily available to ship to your door right after that “buy now” click. So if you find one that looks right, and you like color, for a price you’re happy with, why not go for it? Well, we’ll ask you a few questions to see if you might want to think twice.

How do you know it’s a perfect fit?

Despite the invention of vehicle vending machines in recent years & the ability to purchase a car online & have it delivered to your door without even laying eyes on it in person, I don’t know a lot of people who don’t opt for at least a quick test drive. Why should buying your next kayak, canoe or paddleboard be any different? Choosing the right boat for yourself is so much harder without seeing, feeling, sitting in, or paddling it first. Is the seat adjustable? What all can you fit in the front hatch? Would you want to spend hours on the water in it? And most importantly, what does that color look like in real-life?

Does an item description have the experience to answer your questions?

Amazon doesn’t know what you need, a paddler does. At Fluid Fun and other specialty retailers all over, you’ll walk through the doors to find staff members who likely enjoy spending time on the water over anything else. We know your needs, because we’ve experienced our own. So should you get a 12 foot or a 14 foot? Are you more comfortable in a sit on top or sit inside? What type & size of paddle do you need to fit your height, your kayak, and the type of paddling you’re doing? What gear should you grab for that upcoming trip you have planned? Note: We don’t usually start our advice with “Customers who viewed this item also viewed…”

Is it high-quality? Is there any warranty? Can you trust the source?

Descriptions, specifications & images will only provide you with so much information & insight. You can’t tell how the material really feels or how well the seat’s bolted onto the deck from a photo on your iPhone. You also can’t be certain that the information you’re getting is the most reliable or accurate when it comes to things like manufacturer details. And let’s not bring up the risk of damage in shipping. At a specialty retailer like Fluid Fun, you can really see and feel the details of the kayak or canoe you’re interested in. Whether or not you take that boat home today, we guarantee we won’t let you leave with any unanswered questions, or feeling unsure of what to do.

We hope that everything from our paddling expertise to our quality products, large selection, and on-water demos at Fluid Fun help you decide to opt for a specialty shop rather than having Alexa order you the best thing she can find online. (I don’t think she’s spent much time on the water.) Visit us today to get the perfect kayak, canoe, or paddleboard for you!